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Honeywax, Inc.

Now we introduce to all our customers, an easy service method that works for both us and the customers.
With a statinoery account, all customers can afford to get all the relevant stationery in time and in perfect order and condition of need.

Company Background:

Established in 2002 as a sole proprietor under the title name The Gloss - printers of consumables and took a name change to Honeywax Printers as it turned into a close corporation in 2005, upon registration with CIPRO (now CIPC). Later Honeywax Printers assumed a name of Honeywax, Inc. as it encompassed an even broader business delivery, seeing itself deliver video slides for invitations,advertising and publishing (online). Honeywax, Inc. oversee publishing and synchronization of music for advertising, movies & trailers, television, film, slides, documentaries and videogames for artist. The company's intention was to develop good & top quality dtp stationery products that can be accessible to the public at an affordable cost; ranging from printing of promotional material and external graphic designing services and telecommunications. Main focus has since been on the ECD sector as many a stationery manufacturers disregard their plight, and as a result they (ECD's) always find themselves on the shop counter browsing for services and products they hardly find or else do not match their need.

What we do:

Honeywax, Inc. is dealing with variety of services & we major in printing; dealing with fabric print, paper print, web-design and telecommunications affairs. We also create newsletters and designs-&-publishing (of & on magazines and websites). We have been doing this for the past 10 years without doubt and thus far delivered video filming for many individuals of which plenty was invitation slides and conference filming. In an actual fact, 98% of what you see is 100% our creation. That's because we embrace the cliche slogan 'WYSIWYG'.
You name your want & we shall deliver quality!



  • DTP Service
  • Gaphic Designs
  • Consultancy
  • Stationery

  • Sales
  • Manufacture
  • ITC Hardware Sales
  • ITC Software Sales
  • Publishing

  • Websites
  • Newsletters
  • Magazines
  • Music & Art
  • Production

  • Music Events
  • Braodcast - Radio/TV
  • Music & Art
  • TV Shows & Films
  • The Mission:

  • Unique and special brand of stationery and franchise nationally.
  • Product and service quality.
  • To provide job creation, retention and economic empowerment to the people of South Africa (especially women and youth).
  • To can help control certain corners of unemployment rate.
  • To merge itself with the other sectors (private, government and public) with high standard of living and have have same values as ours.
  • To provide the skills to the unskilled communities and eradicate the elements that give rise to vast spread of chronic diseases caused through unumployment, illiteracy and aliteracy.
  • The Vision:

  • Keep growing with the bounds of technology to better the world and human nation.
  • Give service in advertising world through television, print media and radio.
  • To be sustainable and at least grow by 5-10% annually.
  • Open a radio station, newspaper lineage and television channel in the near future.
  • Deliver highest quality products and services endorsed and approved by regulatory bodies in southern region first.
  • Our Motto:

    We believe in quality & We deliver it!!!

    BBBEE Status:

    Honeywax, Inc. is 100% black-owned and would thereby like to open doors to women and youth to join our table if there any are interested in order to give empowerment to both women and youth.