Membership Regulations

Now we introduce to all our customers, an easy service method that works for both us and the customers.
With a statinoery account, all customers can afford to get all the relevant stationery in time and in perfect order and condition of need.


(Please refer to Accounts page for individual account' benefits)

  • - ECD stationery each year/upon request.
  • - Free T-shirts print for your ECD centre (check Accounts page for detailed information: T&C's apply)
  • - Free Graduation package annually (T&C's)
  • - Free delivery of all material to your centre
  • - Free publicity in all our publications
  • - A4 Photo & Frame included in graduation package (check Accounts page for details)
  • - Coffee Mugs (check Accounts page for details)
  • - Graduations Video Shoot - DVD (check Accounts page for details)
  • - Graduations T-shirts print (check Accounts page for details)
  • - Graduations Programme (check Accounts page for details)


  • Affiliation fee of R450.00 is applicable to all new applicants ( prices subject to change )
  • Monthly premium fee of R150.00 is applicable to all STANDARD ACCOUNT members affiliated with Honeywax Stationery program for a 12 months annual sequence.
  • Monthly premium fee of R240.00 is applicable to all GOLD ACCOUNT members affiliated with Honeywax Stationery program for a 12 months annual sequence.
  • Monthly premium fee of R450.00 is applicable to all PLATINUM ACCOUNT members affiliated with Honeywax Stationery program for a 12 months annual sequence..

Conditions & Payments:

  • All monies should run abreast each month by 7th.
  • All monies shall be in force until the contract/agreement is terminated in writing.
  • All fees can be hand-paid directly to:
    Honeywax, Inc. Offices or
    Honeywax (PTY)Ltd : 62742979737 (FNB - Current Acccount) or
    Easy Pay Acc : 9571 0016 0911 8683 8816 (Shoprite / Pick'n Pay / Post Office)
  • Please check Accounts page for closing dates towards new applications.
  • Maximum of 50 T-shirts for each member. 2 months waiting period applies before contract enforced.
  • Graduation Package is only for graduates.
  • All members shall pay/buy their own T-shirts; we only sell T-shirts upon request & print them free to all our members.
  • Members are not restricted to buy from us. Feel free to buy your T-shirts where you wish & we will still print them free.
  • Membership shall be forfeited if more than three months-up of premiums not paid...unless otherwise, paid in full with 20% levied as penalty.
  • We update conditions changes over time and it is a member's sole responsibility to keep checking our policiy updates.
  • Entering into agreement with us as a member authorises us to make use of only materials we create for every member without asking for permission; being it for publicity, promotional purposes, public apperances, etc...unless otherwise we are adviced to not do so by a member.
  • No agents shall be considered; this agreement is between two parties (Honeywax, Inc. & member ECD centre only) for the purpose revised herewith.
  • Members should upgrade their accounts membership in January (i.e. Standard upgrade to Premium etc.) Otherwise, consider your past premiums as continuous.
  • If a member is to be found in abuse of the account such a member will be forfeited and membership cancelled with immediate effect.
  • Abuse of account means if a member calls/request stationery in excess of use and found to want to duplicate documents without name of such institution as the member's.
  • If a member doesn't have graduations for the year, they can resell their pack to the nearest centre provided that that centre doesn't have excess of 8 grad units.

How to apply: