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Video-slides Terms

You can order your video slides online without a hassle of making endless unanswered missed calls.

Please be sure to understand these conditions:

  • Movie Edit & Video slides shall respectively go as follow:
    • R500 (1min 30secs) each
    • R750 (2mins 30secs) each
    • R1000 (5mins) each
    • R1500 (10mins) each
    • R2000 (15mins) each
  • Trailers shall respectively go as follow:
    • R750 (5 seconds) each
    • R1000 (10 sconds) each
    • R1500 (15 seconds) each
    • R2000 (20-30 seconds) each
    • NB: Please note well the choice of trailer made during payment co-relates with choices hereforth.
  • Prices may change without prior notice and quotations last for as long as Honeywax states.
  • All prizes are non-negotiable and shall run sole.
  • Payments should be made in full before we start with the video/slide.
  • Payments shall only be made via money-send systems or PayPal account ( Banks are optional.
  • Transaction charges are payed by the client, separtely, upon paying for a video/slide.
  • Should a client wish to cancel the order, it must be on the day of payment and such order shall be refunded less by 15% levied including outlet charges.
  • No order payed shall be cancelled on the second day after payment.
  • A client shall furnish us with their own pictures (10 upwards), music and all thier inclusive messages.
  • All pictures should be in one zip file if mailed.
  • Clients need to do their homework & a thorough decision.
  • Honeywax, Inc. isn’t responsible for the messages; E&OE rule applies in this case.
  • Messages need to be complete from the time a client sends or upon edits. Please be certain to peruse & perfectly edit your slides as a client isn’t allowed to edit & edit & re-edit after agreed edits:- (Run-arounds on decision unaccepted) & a new message wholistically upon edit is a new video slide payable aside.
  • All material only exchangeable via social networks (whatsapp, email, facebook, wechat etc.) respectively, and no other medium shall be used (unless by personal on photo’s only).
  • Clients take responsibility of songs they provide to us for public use and no slides used shall be for financial gain. Should a client need to use slides for such they must produce a Publisher/SAMRO licence/rights to us.
  • Video edits last for 48 hours after the first completed slide has been sent by us to a client.
  • Honeywax, Inc. shall take 3 days thereof to complete each video slides; however, some slides may take longer (but not longer than 5 days) as determined by Honeywax, Inc.
  • Honeywax, Inc. will end-note its name and contacts at the end of the video slide unless otherwise the client advices us not to.
  • Your slide may be used by us as a sample to “would be prospective clients” in need of history/proof of our work.
  • Third parties involved in the making of slides are not entertained unless the owner states and give a consent of such.
  • Payment means you understand & agree to abide by the rules set out hereforth by Honeywax, Inc. & no client shall dictate for us new conditions.
  • Please be informed that Honeywax, Inc. may change conditions without prior notice. Thereby, clients who have given us a visit and still need to recoupe on decisions for later orders need to keep abreast with newer conditions.

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